The archer

Språk: Engelska
Publiceringsår: 2020
Klassifikation: Engelsk skönlitteratur

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Vald medietyp: Bok (2020)

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  • Utförlig titel: The archer, Paulo Coelho ; illustrations by Christoph Niemann
  • Originaltitel: O caminho do arco
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    130 sidor illustrationer
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  • Originalspråk: Portugisiska
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    In The Archer we meet Tetsuya, a man once famous for his prodigious gift with a bow and arrow but who has since retired from public life, and the boy who comes searching for him. The boy has many questions, and in answering them Tetsuya illustrates the way of the bow and the tenets of a meaningful life. Paulo Coelho's story suggests that living without a connection between action and soul cannot fulfill, that a life constricted by fear of rejection or failure is not a life worth living. Instead one must take risks, build courage, and embrace the unexpected journey fate has to offer. -